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Youth Missions International is dedicated to improving your mission trip experience. We train groups and individuals to do mission differently while empowering young Christian leaders who love to share Jesus.

MAP Training

MAP essentials: Training and Debrief

You have the chance to make a long-term impact in lives around the world.

training is the key to ensure you're at your best. 

Deepen your faith and raise awareness of complex global issues. You’ll think through your own faith development and explore ways to be culturally relevant as you share your faith. In the process, you’ll learn to weave an active faith with your career and the rest of your life.  

During training, you can expect to learn more about the Bible and practical tools to translate what you learn into your daily ministry. Our training covers various topics, including how to navigate cultural customs, interacting with world religions, confronting poverty, and developing a servant-leader mindset while living as a missionary. 

You may be going by yourself to the mission field, but that doesn’t mean going alone. Your training weekend will create a community of peers who will encourage you on your trip and beyond. Training is required for each MAP participant. You’ll receive a list of resources and tasks to complete before attending training. 

Upcoming Training Dates:

  • September 27-29, 2017
  • January 16-18, 2018
  • March 13-15, 2018
  • May 22-24, 2018
  • June 19-21, 2018
  • September 25-27, 2018

On Field Resources and Support:

Before your trip, you’ll gain skills and resources to continue your faith development. You’ll learn tips on how to process difficult situations and engage in healthy dialogue with your host ministry. Throughout your trip, you'll maintain regular contact with a MAP staff member. 


During debrief, we foster a space where you can talk about your experiences in a receptive environment. Transitioning from an intensive service experience to life “back home” can be a difficult process. Debriefing your experience is necessary to transform the lessons you’ve learned into habits that will change your life. Debrief will be done during the first several days after you land in the US, and will give you the chance to tell your story as you reflect with your peers and rejoice in what God has done. 

Upcoming Debrief Dates:

  • December 13-14, 2017
  • June 6-7, 2018
  • July 25-26, 2018
  • August 15-16, 2018
  • December 12-13, 2018