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Youth Missions International is dedicated to improving your mission trip experience. We train groups and individuals to do mission differently while empowering young Christian leaders who love to share Jesus.

Mission Experiences

Base Missions: Mission trips for groups. Base Missions is our program for training groups through authentic ministry experience. We believe that the best way to develop young Christian leaders who love to share Jesus is to empower them to lead authentic ministry. We provide training for your group through short-term domestic mission trips and short-term international mission trips. Training paired with authentic, sustainable, evangelistic ministry; that's mission differently. 

Base Missions: group mission TRIPS And Training

"This past year my youth group doubled, and your mission trip served as a catalyst to help make that happen."

-Doug McNett



We like to keep things simple, so while we have contacts all over the world, see the sites we believe will provide great experiences for groups in 2019.

We are here to train and provide your group with an experience that will develop them as leaders. 

We want every church to develop young Christian leaders who love to share Jesus - and we're here to help!  Our mission trip experiences and training are geared to helping you grow confident, mission-minded leaders now.  We do this by providing a trip and training that empowers your students to coordinate and lead evangelistic ministry while you mentor them. 

When you go on a trip with us, we offer personalized mission training, 24/7 support, specialized resources, and careful pairing of your group with a sustainable, responsible ministry that will challenge your team while instilling in them a deep desire to share their faith in Jesus with others.


  • 7-14 days working closely with a partner ministry/church
  • Food and lodging at the mission site
  • On-the-ground transportation (international trips only)
  • Leader's guide with tips and devotional for your group
  • Customized weekend-long mission training
  • Online resources for further training and preparation
  • 24/7 year-round consultation
  • Sightseeing/cultural experience


Want to go to a location we are not featuring? Fill out our contact form to inquire about more information. Or click the button below and fill out the trip application. Either way, we will get back with you shortly!