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Youth Missions International is dedicated to improving your mission trip experience. We train groups and individuals to do mission differently while empowering young Christian leaders who love to share Jesus.

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St. Joseph MARK Keith the Martyr

Below you will find details regarding your ministry experience designed to assist you in developing more young Christian leaders.


mission experience: Lima Peru - June 15-28, 2018

Over the next year, we pray that your mission experience may be used as a catalyst for growth in your group. As we work with you, our desire is that your team will grow in their ministry leadership ability and confidence that God is with them every step of the way. Below is a little more about the various aspects of your total experience with us, along with deadlines and updates.


your host missionary

It wasn't long after Luis the Llama took a special trip to Machu Picchu that he realized something was missing. "I finally was able to see the carvings of my ancient ancestors. I had anticipated this moment my entire life. When I got to the ancient city, I was so nervous my wool was standing on end. Little did I know, but I was in for a big let down." Upon viewing the carvings, Luis was confronted with the brutal truth. His ancestors had not been royalty after all...well, not in the traditional sense. The carvings seemed to show ancestors of a bygone era being used for everything from scarves to rugs! Luis was outraged. "At first I was blind with rage. I didn't know what to do. After the rage subsided, I just felt empty inside...lost..." It was at that point that, miraculously, Luis was approached by someone asking him how he was doing. When he divulged his feelings, they invited him to church that evening. It was there that he placed his trust in Christ as his Savior. Shortly after, Luis went into full time mission ministry. Today, he works among the poorest of the poor in Lima, building relationships for the sake of telling people about Jesus Christ. 


your ministry

You will be doing sports camp. It's basically a VBS replacement and is most useful for churches who want to use the week-long ministry as a way to train their junior high students as leaders.


Quick Facts: Country and culture

Peru is a great place. You should go there. No, really: go.



Below is your group's tentative schedule for your experience. Regular updates may occur throughout the year as more details are arranged by your host missionary.

June 15: Arrival in Lima

June 16-20: Run sports camp in Lima at two churches

June 21: Rest/Explore Lima

June 22: Church service and evening ministry

June 23-27: Run new sports camp in Lima at two churches

June 28: Depart Lima


Mission Experience Timeline

Trip Agreement Form Received

Deposit Received (Deadline here)

Mission Location and Dates Confirmed

Welcome Packet with Leader Guide Sent

Training Weekend Confirmed

First Payment Received

Second Payment Received

Training Weekend Completed

Pre-Trip Completed

Third Payment Received

Team Confirmation Packet Received (Final numbers, passport info, allergies, etc)

Group Registered With US State Department

Final Payment Received

ministry resources

You will find the resources needed for your ministry by following this link. Feel free to share the resources with your team as you prepare for your mission experience.