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Youth Missions International is dedicated to improving your mission trip experience. We train groups and individuals to do mission differently while empowering young Christian leaders who love to share Jesus.


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Mission Comfortably?

John Stiffler

Mission Comfortably: miSHən/ ˈkʌmfɜrtəbli (v): Any site you choose must include hotel stay, and at least 1-2 days of rest or sightseeing.

It’s amazing how many unnecessary comforts we’re acclimated to in our daily lives. Think back to the last time you stayed in a “not-so-great” hotel. Setting aside some truly terrible experiences, it was probably uncomfortable because the pillows were the wrong level of firmness, the AC wasn’t easily controlled (forcing you to get an extra blanket from the closet), the water pressure was different from your home…

While the above can be annoying from time to time, those discomforts should not rule our lives - especially with the most important thing any of us will do: sharing the Gospel. However, in the recent history of short-term mission in this country, we have too often let the risk of discomfort get in the way of God’s call.

When setting up a mission trip we usually get asked, “What are the accommodations like?” Obviously not a bad question, but many times the underlying assumption behind the question is, “If these accommodations aren’t up to our standards of comfort, we can’t mission there.” We’ve had youth pastors and parents decide not to send their children at the last minute because they found out the accommodations were not as comfortable as they were expecting.

It’s sad that churches and missionaries do not receive needed help because of the expectations of adults, whereas students rarely refuse to go because of “poor accommodations.” Many Christians declare they would be willing to die for Jesus, yet it seems to ask too much to put up with a little bit of discomfort in order to reach those in needy areas. If we are truly willing to die for Jesus, shouldn’t we be willing to sleep on the floor and go without showers for Him too?

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Explore Team Program

Work with Action International missionaries in a camp setting to reach out to children and youth with the good news of Jesus. Build relationships through English conversations and camp activities and be part of God's plan for Portugal. If you are passionate about camp or camp-style ministry, then this trip is for you! Click here to sign up for Portugal! 

MAP young adult program

Work alongside missionaries and nationals to develop holistic business plans and learn to live intentionally in community with Action International. Put your basic Spanish and business skills to use in this microenterprise ministry. Click here to sign up for Mexico!


Go group program

While in the UK, your team will partner with churches and local ministries through our sister organization, YMI UK. You will participate in reaching out to children and youth (some of whom are at-risk) in the Newcastle, Northern Ireland area. Click here to sign up for UK!