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Youth Missions International is dedicated to improving your mission trip experience. We train groups and individuals to do mission differently while empowering young Christian leaders who love to share Jesus.


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Mission Randomly?

Levi Marti

Mission Randomly: 'miSHən/ ˈrændəmli  (v): Unsure of where to go, you close your eyes and point to a location on a map. Or you close your eyes at the mission board and point to a missionary your church supports.

Why Mission Randomly is a problem:

God is an amazing, all-encompassing creator who’s at work all around the world. As long as we have the love of Jesus in our heart, does it really matter where we go on mission?

Short answer: Yes. It does matter.

Our God is a specific, personal God. He is at work around the world. Yes - he will use whatever you do, even the evil we do, for his plan. However, he wants to use your mission in a specific way: for you, your group, and those you serve. So, it’s important to be intentional and not random about mission.

When we’re intentional, we take the time to pray, seek his will, and do our research. Instead of falling into something that is simply good, we can search out something that’s best for his Kingdom.

That’s how to Mission Differently.

How to avoid Mission Randomly:

1. Intentionality: Sit down with a cup of coffee and your Evernote app and make a list of all the details you know. How many people do you have? What are they passionate about? Do you have any health concerns to take into account? What do you want this mission trip to accomplish for your group?

If you’re looking into a mission trip for yourself: What are you passionate about? Do you have commitments that influence when you can go?

2. Advice: Get advice from people who have done this before. Talk to your senior pastor, ministry friends, and mission organizations and get their take on your ideal ministry type and location. Make sure you ask for their reasoning so you aren’t just importing someone else’s randomness into your thinking.

3. Prayer: Check your orientation. It’s easy to get excited about things that sound trendy or cool, or to get your heart set on something that doesn’t work out. Make sure you’re checking in with the One whom this is all about! Spending time in prayer is the most important thing you can do. 

Join us as we Mission Differently

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