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Youth Missions International is dedicated to improving your mission trip experience. We train groups and individuals to do mission differently while empowering young Christian leaders who love to share Jesus.


Stories from the mission field. Check here to see what God is doing in and through young people as they lead in ministry. 


Ghana Team Final Report

Joseph Keith

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting our team through prayers and financially. We are all home now still processing what God has done in us and through us during those eleven days in Ghana.

What an opportunity to grow close to each other in God’s Spirit!  What an opportunity to grow and learn from each other!  What an opportunity to build community and friendships!  Our youth did a wonderful job and we were so blessed to serve God with them.

It has been a blessing to serve the missionary Djaba in Ghana in so many ways as the time allowed us to do so. Djaba has the broadest ministry reach than you can imagine. He reaches and teaches from tiny children through adults.

Thus, we had the amazing opportunity to serve him in a large way in different ministries. We led worship in Church on Sunday, facilitated Bible studies, led Sunday school, presented the gospel in Elementary and Junior High Schools though Bible stories, songs and puppets; visited College dorms where we shared our testimonies, and did ministry in other churches as well.

This team did very well and grew quickly. We all especially enjoyed the young adult ministry at the dorms where learned God’s Word together and were challenged by it.

We are truly thankful to God and to you for all your prayers while we were on the mission field. Please, we urge you to keep the missionary Djaba and his ministry team and the YMI team in your prayers.

We don’t want this mission trip to be a mere experience but a lifestyle, that we can live out our faith wherever we are.

 – Lucero on behalf of Team Ghana