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Stories from the mission field. Check here to see what God is doing in and through young people as they lead in ministry. 


Hong Kong Mid-Trip Report

Joseph Keith

So the YMI Hong Kong team has been very, VERY busy this past week. We arrived in Hong Kong around 10pm the first night. After clearing immigration and customs, we met up with Mrs. Barbara Lam and Ernest. They took us to our camp which was approximately an hour away.  All of us were tired and quickly went to bed.

The next day, was filled with preparations for the camp for Sparks Camp on Thursday and Friday.  We enjoyed time getting to know Barbara, Ernest, and Mark.  Mark is a local national who just returned from the US. He was studying at Abilene Christian University and is the son of a local pastor in the northern part of Hong Kong.  After lunch, we continued our planning for the afternoon and received our camp shirts. Due to  jet lag, we took a short nap to get rested up. After the evening dinner, we visited the Sai Kung which is a large fishing village.  We visited the fish market where fresh fish is kept alive for purchase.  We also saw a small temple that is common in the fishing villages that fishermen visit before and after to pray for bountiful harvest and safety while fishing.  We went and enjoyed some local deserts at a restaurant in Sai Kung.

Thursday we were up and at ‘em early finishing some preparations.  We had our Sparks show up early excited about their camp! We had 60 campers. Wow! They were so energetic!  The team began with a few songs and Emily taught the first lesson while Mikayla and Victoria did puppets. We had craft time and the team presented the evangecube. After lunch was game time in the gym and then ended with the second Bible lesson of the day. The girls had to adjust some of their plans but over all they did a pretty good job!! The day ended with a short break before dinner. After dinner the team continued planning for the second day of Sparks Camp. The team was exhausted after the first full day of ministry, so we turned in early for the night!

Friday was the second and last day for the Sparks Camp. Total number of Sparks today was 70. Today the team improved over the day before by using their time more wisely. The girls had a lot more response from the kids and it was amazing to see just how much about the gospel these young kids knew!!  We are proud of Mikayla, Emily and Victoria for ministering to the kids of Hong Kong!

Saturday was a cultural day for the team. We were up early and headed out to the Ocean Park where we spent the day with Mark having some fun riding rides, eating lunch while watching live penguins, discovering about different wildlife unique to the area and of course seeing the panda!!! The evening was spent in the Causeway Bay Area of Hong Kong eating dinner at Pizza Hut Hong Kong Style!!

Sunday we attended service with the International Alliance Church with Mrs. Barbara and Ernest.  We had a great time seeing how alive the church is here in Hong Kong.  The church is also sending out ministry teams to do Christian Marriage retreats in the northern part of Hong Kong.  We meet and the hand lunch with the churches Awana Commander Danny Lee.  After lunch we headed to the Stanley Market located on the southeastern corner of Hong Kong Island.  We spent most of the afternoon shopping at the famous Stanley Market! After the market Mrs. Barbara took us to dinner at the Hot Pot. There we sampled many different types of Chinese food.

Monday we were up early once again and on our way to the Awana Hong Kong Offices thanks to Mr. Ernest. There we met Mrs. Barbara and enjoyed some conversation with her! She told us how God led her to have such a desire to bring Awana to Hong Kong and how it has and continues to grow here!  It’s so amazing to see God at work here in Hong Kong and the desires that she has for the people of Hong Kong.  The team spent some of the morning and most of the afternoon working on lesson and activity preparations for the T & T. Monday afternoon along with Ernest and Mark, the team visited a Buddhist Temple after a short train ride.  Ernest was gracious enough to explain to the team a lot of the things that the Buddhist believe and how they worship their idols.  We witnessed several people actually worshiping, praying and burning incense in the temple.

After a very busy week behind us, we have another ahead of us as we prepare for the T&T, Trek and Journey camps this week. We appreciate all the prayers for this team and ask that you continue to pray for each of us as we minister to the people of Hong Kong.

God is Good,
YMI Hong Kong Team