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Youth Missions International is dedicated to improving your mission trip experience. We train groups and individuals to do mission differently while empowering young Christian leaders who love to share Jesus.


Stories from the mission field. Check here to see what God is doing in and through young people as they lead in ministry. 


Portugal's Final Days

Joseph Keith

Annie:  I don’t miss home and I’m staying here.  Please send me some Reese’s and my cat Ivy and probably some socks, too.

Sarah: I am really enjoying everything here, and I don’t miss home yet. I have loved seeing God work this week!!

Josie: We just finished camp and are having so much fun! God is revealing His character by teaching me about the Portuguese culture- love it!

Ian: This week of camp has been awesome both with what we’ve been able to share with the teens from God’s Word and building relationships with them. I love the Portuguese culture and the people and feel like I’m right at home here. I think I’m going to stay with Annie, just as long as someone sends some Reese’s our way.

Kevin: it is hard to describe how I’m feeling. Before we left there was many things in my life that I was responsible for. When our team met up we clicked right away(Jesus thing I’m sure) and my thoughts were more about the mission in Porto. The moment we launched it was very peaceful. I hope this does not sound bad but I have not really thought about home or my family. The ministry here has been amazing, the Gospel has been shared and lived out and Christ- like relations have been the priority. Now that camp is done I am very sad to say good bye. I already miss my new friends and family in Christ. Thank you Jesus for keeping my eyes on you.


Rae: We are leaving so I don’t have time to say anything.  I learned a great lesson here this week tho and saw God do some great things in people’s heart!  I am so blessed to be a part of this trip.  So great for how God used these people to convict my own heart.

Annie: P.S. This week has been just incredible and God has taught me so much through these wonderful people. I am so grateful that I was able to come here to Portugal to share the Gospel. Words cannot describe how happy I am knowing that I have brothers and sisters in Christ on the other side of the world. God is good.