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South Korea: Teaching and More!

Joseph Keith

Students are totally into teaching their lessons and doing great! Leading music is going fabulous! The two teams are working so well together it can only be the Lord at work! Everyone is overall healthy…another blessing from God! Pray for Friday as strong gospel presentation is happening! We feel your prayers all the time!

-Price Hallmann


So, we are now just passing the midweek portion of the camp and the kids are all taking a much needed rest.  So far, classes are going quite well.   Each student is doing fairly well in their respective classes.  Archer and I are teaching English through games, while Tonya and Maggie are doing the missionary stories.  Iris and Joni are doing the overall Bible lesson.  So far, the kids are really adapting well, they really get along and enjoy hanging out.  Archer has really come alive as a helper and teacher, as you can see.  In the picture below, he is helping Eileen with the word “Gravity,” as that was a hard one to say for many kids.

One of the coolest things at this camp is:  the kids have pictures of us in their camp books.  So, they walk up to us and want us to sign their books.  Charlie made some joke about Tonya and I being married and ever since Monday, kids have loved pictures of us in their books, and they constantly ask, “When baby?”  Every class, someone will ask.  It is quite funny.

Dillon and Joni are the popular ones, as they have small guitars and the kids like trying to play them, or hear songs from the two of them.  Right now, the plan is to play or learn “Amazing Grace” and sing it on Sunday at our 3 day camp.

Even though Natalie is not part of group 2, it was so cool–the Korean camp gave her own birthday cake and sang “Happy Birthday” today.  It was awesome!  She must wear the hat all day, as it is an honor.