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Brazil #2 Update

Joseph Keith

The first evening we arrived the team was able to rest which was needed after the over night flights. The next morning everyone was feeling refreshed. We had some time in the morning to plan and go over songs. For lunch we had a BBQ at the Cerpe’s, it was very good!!

After lunch the team planned some more and typed out the words to the songs for Juca. In the evening we went to a field for the guys to play soccer with some guys from the seminary. They had a good time! Then we all took showers and headed to bed early as we would be leaving at 6:30 the next morning for São Paulo.

The next day we left early for Adonai church, got settled in there and waked around the neighborhood inviting people to the church to watch the soccer games and telling them about the love of Jesus! We watched the World Cup games on a big screen at the church, the second game was Brasil. It was so much fun to watch with a room full of Brazilians!! When Brazil won
the celebrating was amazing; singing, dancing and fireworks. What a blessing it was to be here to experience that!

The next day was Sunday and the team was in charge of the morning and evening services. They did songs, testimonies and Bible stories. They did a great job. We had more time that night for team devotions and really enjoyed our time reading God’s word and discussing together.

Yesterday we also ventured into Sao Paulo by taking the subway between the church services.  We walked around the historic city center and then went to a flea market for some shopping, and then headed back to Adonai for the evening service.

Today we started the sports camp, and we will tell you more about that next time. Thank you for your prayers, and please keep praying for the team and the children we will be working with.

-Brad & Becky Keough

Some pictures  :)