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Zambia In-country Update

Joseph Keith


Greetings from Zambia!

It’s been an amazing past few days, and I’m happy to report that the ministry has been very fruitful and the team is in excellent spirits. On Saturday, we visited two different Awana clubs in the area where the students shared Bible stories and helped encourage the leadership. They were also able to help draw in some new children to the clubs that will hopefully continue to attend there. Church went well on Sunday and I’ve included a picture of the team along with some of the members of the church.

On Monday, the team had the opportunity to work alongside two different churches who were doing door-to-door evangelism. In Zambia, many more people are walking around in their neighborhood, and no one seemed bothered or offended by us approaching them to talk about our faith. The students had many fruitful conversations, led several individuals to Christ (who will then be plugged into the churches that we worked with), and had some very good discussions with those of different faiths, including Jehovah’s Witnesses and a Muslim.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to train the Lusaka Awana Ministry Team in evangelism techniques. It’s been amazing to hear the vision that the Awana missionaries have for reaching this country as well as all of Southern Africa (Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique, etc…). The team did an excellent job of training these adults in tools that they can in turn take back to their clubs and use to put on evangelistic outreaches. The training was followed by a really sweet time of fellowship between the students and the ministry team.

Upcoming ministry to pray for: Today we will go to public schools and teach Bible lessons. On Thursday we have the opportunity to go to a large high school in the area and do abstinence education using the Bible as a curriculum. We will be doing this through the “Reach 4 Life” curriculum. Please pray for wisdom and courage for the team as they minister to their peers in this unique opportunity.